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Excel in a Day: Part One

Saturday 12 January 2019
09:30 - 15:00
5 Hours / 1 Weeks
5 Brampton Road, Bexleyheath

Fee information. Click here for eligibility details (opens in a new window).

£40.00 Course symbols: N

Course description

Spreadsheets are used to carry out calculations, store, organise and analyse data. This one day course will provide a valuable introduction in to the use of spreadsheets and associated terminology. Learners will enhance their numeracy skills and knowledge gained can be applied to both personal and professional use.

What you need to join the class

a) guidance needed: No guidance required. b) entry requirements: An ability to use a computer at a basic level.

What the course will cover

Creating spreadsheets, entering text and numbers, editing and deleting text and numbers. Formatting data. Using formulae to add, subtract, multiply, divide and total numbers. Manipulate columns and rows. Saving and printing spreadsheets.

Teaching and learning activities

Explanation from the tutor. Plenty of practical hands-on. Information sheets. Practice tasks. One-to-one tuition where necessary.

What you will be able to do by the end of the course (Course objectives)

1. Insert text and numerical data 2. Amend text and numerical data 3. Align text and numerical data 4. Use basic formulae and basic functions (sum, operators ( +,-,*,/ ) and brackets) 5. Replicate formulae (fill) 6. Format numerical data 7. Format text 8. Apply formatting to cells - borders and shading 9. Insert row/column Delete row/column 10. Set page layout – margins, page orientation 11. Insert headers and footers 12. Print the spreadsheet 13. Insert and delete worksheets 14. Adjust column and row widths 15. Use spell check 16. Save and close spreadsheet

Examination or qualification (if applicable) including costs. The course fee usually includes examination costs: registration with the exam board, certification and administration fees. If the fees are not included, the brochure will tell you this.

Not applicable.

Work expected outside lesson time (e.g. homework, assignments, etc.)

None, but learners will find additional study at home or at the Open Study Centre at Brampton Road helpful.

What you need to bring to the first class

Pen, paper, folder and USB stick.

Books, materials and equipment you need for the course (including additional costs, specialist stockists, etc.) Note: your tutor may recommend additional items during the course.

As above.

What you can do next

1806B902 Excel in a Day: Part Two – Monday 5 November. 1806P999 Private tuition on an individual one-to-one basis.

Additional information - General

At the beginning of the course, you will have an induction to the College and the course. Your tutor may ask you to complete a Student Learning Record (SLR) and agree your personal learning goals. This paperwork is a requirement of the College’s Quality Improvement Programme.

Venue information

5 Brampton Road, Bexleyheath, Kent DA7 4EZ Nearest Train Station: Bexleyheath. Buses: 89, 96, B16, B15, B14, B12, 422 Car park available onsite. Please note car parking spaces cannot be guaranteed. For further details of parking please refer to http://www.bexley.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=3010