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Sushi Workshop: All Abilities

Monday 29 October 2018
19:00 - 21:00
4 Hours / 2 Weeks
5 Brampton Road, Bexleyheath

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£35.00 Course symbols: N

Course description

Learn the art of making sushi, using techniques used by professional chefs, make your own popular variations including Maki, Mini ISO, Hand roll and Nigiri.

Entry requirements

Curiosity and an inquisitive mind for sushi. Entry requirements: none required.

What you will learn

Develop a knowledge and understanding of the art of making sushi. Learn the techniques used by professional chefs and make your own popular variations of Sushi including Maki, Mini ISO, Hand Roll and Nigiri. Students will learn how to make sushi and some home cooking which includes basic knowledge of ingredients and materials. Students will learn a variety of sushi that is simple and healthy. Students will also enjoy and learn authentic Japanese cuisine. The course covers main courses (sushi), side dishes and desserts. All levels.

How you will learn on this course

Some of the dishes will be demonstrated by the tutor, and the rest will be students following a recipe with personal guidance from the tutor.

How you will be assessed on this course

You will be able to: 1. Select suitable ingredients for sushi. 2. Prepare authentic Japanese dish. 3. Develop & knowledge of basic Japanese cuisine and cooking style. 4. Present sushi alternatively. 5. Create your own sushi with any occasions.

Qualification and exam information (only for courses leading to a qualification)

Not applicable.

What you will be expected to do outside your lesson time

Preparation in advance of the class is very important. Students have to shop for the ingredients required and sometimes prepare food the day before. You may have to serve some dishes immediately, others you will be able to take home if you prefer.

What you need for your course

Good quality non-stick cookware and the ability to carry equipment to the lesson as the College provides only a limited amount of equipment. Each student will have a two-ring electric cooker. The oven is shared with another student. Students must wear the following appropriate footwear: flat closed in shoes to comply with the college Health and Safety Policy.

What you need to bring to the first class

Ingredients for thick and thin sushi rolls, handball sushi and a sushi cake • Soya sauce • Sake • Sugar (preferably white caster sugar or light brown sugar) • Rice vinegar • Salt • Vegetable oil • 1 pack Nori • 3 eggs • Mayonnaise(optional) • 1 lemon You will bring at least 5 ingredients from below 1 pack smoked salmons,1 jar of herring, 1 cooked eel,1 red or yellow peppers, 1 pack asparagus,1-2 avocados, 1pack French beans, 1 cucumber,1 salad cress, 1 pack of crab sticks, 1 tuna tin or red salmon tin. 1 cooked chicken breast, 1 pack cooked small prawn 1 pack prosciuttos. Things you need to bring: • 1or2 appropriate plastic boxes for taking home (sushi) • A Bamboo mat • A Pudding tin • A Chopping board • A Cooking knife • A Notebook and a pen • 1 Frying pan (**about 10inch size) • 1 Frying pan lid • 1 Soup bowl • 1 Empty small jam jar • 1 scale • 1 Cling film • 1 Kitchen roll • 1-2 Tea towel • Your own cutlery or chopstick • 1 plate (serving for lunch) • 1 tea cup and small plate List ingredients for subsequent lessons will be handed out and you will discuss this at the first session.

What you can do next

Further Japanese or general cookery classes. Please check the brochure or our website www.lecb.ac.uk for details. Need to up skill in Maths, English and Digital Skills – look at our Level 1/2 Functional Skills, GCSE and Digital Skills course offer. We also offer courses and one to one training on iPads/tablets, iPhones and laptops.

Additional information

At the beginning of the course, you will have an induction to the College and the course. Your tutor may ask you to complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and agree your personal learning goals. This paperwork is a requirement of the College’s Quality Improvement Programme.

Venue information

5 Brampton Road, Bexleyheath, Kent DA7 4EZ Nearest Train Station: Bexleyheath. Buses: 89, 96, B16, B15, B14, B12, 422 Car park available onsite. Please note car parking spaces cannot be guaranteed. For further details of parking please refer to https://www.bexley.gov.uk/services/parking