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Creative Glass: Stained Glass: All Abilities

Monday 24 September 2018
10:00 - 12:00
52 Hours / 26 Weeks
5 Brampton Road, Bexleyheath

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£385.00 Half fee of £225.00 available. Course symbols: CL

Course description

Discover the beauty of the ancient craft of stained glass. Inspired by traditional and contemporary designs, you will learn the skills and techniques needed to design and make your own unique leaded stained glass panels. You will also be introduced to traditional stained glass painting and basic glass fusing techniques. Course fee includes some basic materials. Students will need to purchase their own stained glass, lead, solder and boards etc. for their projects.

Entry requirements

No prior knowledge required.

What you will learn

• Basic glass handling and cutting techniques. Health and safety aspects. • Further glass cutting techniques including cutting circles. • Advice on tools and materials needed. • Choosing glass and where to buy it. • Developing an initial idea/design into a cut line drawing. • How to choose the right lead for your design. • Assembling a stained glass panel. • Soldering, cementing and finishing a stained glass panel. • Attaching hooks to a panel for hanging. • Introduction to traditional glass painting techniques. • Introduction to the basic principles of glass fusing and slumping.

How you will learn on this course

The tutor will use a range of teaching methods during the course which will include the following: Demonstration – both group and individual, one-to-one tuition, group work, assessment of progress, observation, discussion / question and answer sessions.

How you will be assessed on this course

1. Cut glass (straight lines or curves) using a glass cutter. 2. Use running pliers to break the score line when cutting glass. 3. Use grozing pliers for nibbling/venting/breaking glass. 4. Use a glass grinder to change the shape of the glass. 5. Draw up a design ready to cut glass – Cut Line Drawing. 6. Identify different lead came profiles used to make stained glass panels. 7. Stretch lead came using a lead vice. 8. Lead up a panel. 9. Use a soldering iron to solder joints on a leaded panel . 10. Cement a leaded panel. 11. Identify a sample made using glass paints. 12. Identify a fused glass sample. 13. Complete one project.

Qualification and exam information (only for courses leading to a qualification)

Not applicable.

What you will be expected to do outside your lesson time

No extra homework is expected. Learners may take their work home if they wish and continue working at home. Learners will be encouraged to read relevant literature.

What you need for your course

A small charge is included in the course fee for the use of basic tools and materials such as soldering irons, glass grinders, safety goggles, glass kilns, lead cement, whiting, patina, flux, glues, glass cleaners, glass paint, fusing glass and accessories etc. Learners are expected to pay for all other tools and materials used for their projects, such as glass, lead, solder, boards and batons etc. The tutor will advise on what tools and materials to buy at the start of the course, and later on in the course if needed. The essential basic tools generally cost around £40 and learners can expect to spend a further £30-£40 for various consumable materials such as glass, lead, solder, etc. Advice will be given on where to purchase tools and materials. Please note that the above figures are only a guide and costs will vary with individual learners’ requirements, size and number of projects, different suppliers, quantities and quality of tools and materials. Please do not purchase anything before your first lesson unless requested to do so. No liability can be accepted for expenses incurred for a course cancelled/altered at short notice.

What you need to bring to the first class

You can bring a sketchbook with any ideas for designs you may have, and any images you have found for inspiration (Pinterest is a great website for finding images and useful tutorials). Please also bring a fine-tipped permanent marker pen for marking glass. Wear sensible footwear to the class, no opened toed shoes or sandals. You may also wish to bring an apron to protect your clothing. On the first day the tutor will advise on essential tools and materials needed and additional costs likely to be incurred during the course. Improvers may bring on-going projects if they wish and continue working on these.

What you can do next

Your tutor can give advice about other glass courses on offer. The Learning Centre Bexley runs a variety of glass courses.

Additional information

At the beginning of the course, you will have an induction to the College and the course. Your tutor will ask you to complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and agree your personal learning goals. All documents are a requirement of the Funding Agency. All students on courses funded by the ESFA must complete a Learning Agreement and ILP.

Please ensure you follow all Health & Safety instructions as given by your tutor.  If you are pregnant or suffer from another medical condition that may be affected by contact with hazardous substances please inform your tutor.

Venue information

5 Brampton Road, Bexleyheath, Kent DA7 4EZ Nearest Train Station: Bexleyheath. Buses: 89, 96, B16, B15, B14, B12, 422 Car park available onsite. Please note car parking spaces cannot be guaranteed. For further details of parking please refer to https://www.bexley.gov.uk/services/parking