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Digital Photography: Improvers

Thursday 2 May 2019
19:00 - 21:00
20 Hours / 10 Weeks
5 Brampton Road, Bexleyheath

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£139.00 Half fee available. Course symbols: CL

Course description

Having learnt how to use your camera to capture successful photographs, this 10-week follow-on course takes a more artistic approach, identifying how different camera settings are used to shoot specific genres, such as still life, landscapes, portraiture, documentary, and so on. The work of photographers will be examined and used as a catalyst for your own experimentation in studio and location photography, including a visit to a local park. The course will conclude with an introduction to the world of image editing, correcting slight errors in your photographs.

Entry requirements

DSLR camera or similar (not compact or phone).

What you will learn

We will further explore the various settings and menus, learn to take control and use the ‘creative zone’ settings. We will explore composition more deeply, depth of field, shutter speed to enable creative use of photography in several local outings.

How you will learn on this course

Hands on, practical, some theory and local outings as well as classroom lessons, supported with handouts.

How you will be assessed on this course

1. Identify different shooting settings on your camera and use them in appropriate situations. 2. Explore playback information, change views, enable highlight alert and identify a histogram and explain its uses to better understand the Exposure Triangle. 3. Explore metering settings and autofocus settings and identify which to use in given situations. 4. Explore AEB, AEL/AFL and shooting modes including time delay. 5. Explore use of flash, particularly in-built flash. No need to buy a separate speedlight (flash gun) for the course. 6. Explore composition, identify different approaches to good composition, use of colour and light. 7. Explore Shutter Priority (TV) mode and how to use shutter speed for creative effect. 8. Explore Aperture Priority (AV) mode and how to use depth of field for creative effect.

Qualification and exam information (only for courses leading to a qualification)

Not applicable.

What you will be expected to do outside your lesson time

Homework is set weekly to encourage progress in the course.

What you need for your course

None specifically.

What you need to bring to the first class

Camera, with battery and memory card.

What you can do next

Progress to next level, then to NCFE course.

Additional information

At the beginning of the course, you will have an induction to the College and the course. Your tutor will ask you to complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and agree your personal learning goals. All documents are a requirement of the Funding Agency. All students on courses funded by the ESFA must complete a Learning Agreement and ILP.

Venue information

5 Brampton Road, Bexleyheath, Kent DA7 4EZ Nearest Train Station: Bexleyheath. Buses: 89, 96, B16, B15, B14, B12, 422 Car park available onsite. Please note car parking spaces cannot be guaranteed. For further details of parking please refer to https://www.bexley.gov.uk/services/parking