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Explore Your World: SL

Friday 14 September 2018
10:00 - 12:00
58 Hours / 29 Weeks
5 Brampton Road, Bexleyheath

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£223.00 Course symbols: CL - No Half Fee Available I

Course description

Learn about yourself, and your relationships with others and your environment. Explore your five senses to find out about the world around you. Take part in engaging craft projects, use relaxation techniques and play musical instruments to improve and maintain your hand eye coordination, communication, and social skills. CL

Entry requirements

A) Guidance needed: Contact Supported Learning Curriculum Manager/Curriculum Support. B) Entry requirements: None. Learners and carers should ensure that the Learner Support and Health Declaration form is completed and returned before the start of their class. This should include specific details in the section: Please explain to us how we can support you? This will help the tutor to understand, plan for and meet each learner’s individual needs.

What you will learn

We will look at a variety of ways to learn, such as recognising essential oil smells and matching them to pictures, a series of stretches to warm up the body and enhance flexibility, games to help develop your fine and gross motor skills and small art projects relating to our environment. The course will be tailored to the students' needs as well as their cultural and ethnic background.

How you will learn on this course

Each session will be structured in the same way every week. Each activity will last around 10-15 minutes. Each project is introduced through demonstration, questions and answers.

How you will be assessed on this course

1. Match scents of essential oils to orange picture. 2. Match scents of essential oils to lavender picture. 3. Match scents of essential oils to peppermint picture. 4. Match scents of essential oils to rosemary picture. 5. Match scents of essential oils to eucalyptus picture. 6. Copy stretches demonstration. 7. Call out someone’s name to get their attention when taking part in a game of throwing . 8. Throw with control . 9. Demonstrate fine motor skills when pouring. 10. Demonstrate fine motor skills when picking up small objects. 11. Demonstrate your large movement skill with ball throwing. 12. Observe demonstration. 13. Listen to explanation. 14. Copy project demonstration. 15. Use an apron for messy art activity. 16. Fold apron after use. 17. Demonstrate confidence in using scissors. 18. Demonstrate confidence in using a paintbrush. 19. Listen to discussion about health and safety . 20. Practice health and safety around the classroom. 21. Practice health and safety with materials and equipment. 22. Take part in predicting what activity comes next in the class structure (the sequence will always be the same). 23. Recognise various geometric shapes. 24. Recognise primary colours. 25. Participate in tidying up at the end of lesson. 26. Demonstrate individual response to a project. 27. Participate in group discussion. 28. Participate in group projects.

Qualification and exam information (only for courses leading to a qualification)

Not Applicable.

What you will be expected to do outside your lesson time


What you need for your course

The tutor will provide all essential materials you need for your course. You will pay an amount towards the total cost of the materials you use on your course. This amount has been included in your total course fee.

What you need to bring to the first class

Not applicable.

What you can do next

Other tailor-made courses for people with a learning disability can be found in the College brochure and in the Supported Learning section of the College website.

Additional information

At the beginning of the course, you will have an induction to the College and the course. Your tutor will ask you to complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and agree your personal learning goals. All documents are a requirement of the Funding Agency. All students on courses funded by the ESFA must complete a Learning Agreement and ILP.

Venue information

5 Brampton Road, Bexleyheath, Kent DA7 4EZ Nearest Train Station: Bexleyheath. Buses: 89, 96, B16, B15, B14, B12, 422 Car park available onsite. Please note car parking spaces cannot be guaranteed. For further details of parking please refer to https://www.bexley.gov.uk/services/parking