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Are you ready to study for a GCSE?  Increase your skills levels by completing a GCSE course with us in subject areas such as English, Maths, German, History, Science and Psychology.


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Your course is free if you do not already have an English or maths qualification at this level. 

Our Courses

We offer a range of English or Maths City & Guilds qualifications from Entry Level 1 up to Level 2. 

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You will need to come for an assessment so we can make sure we offer you the right course

Please use the online system for the course you are interested in or telephone 020 3045 5176 

English we can:

  • assess you and offer you a class to support your needs
  • help you to be more confident with English
  • help you to gain a qualification that could be useful for work
  • help you to improve your English skills

Maths we can:

  • help you develop your maths wherever you start from
  • help you to improve your maths skills
  • help you to gain a qualification that could be useful for work
  • help you to feel more confident with maths

We offer English or Maths qualifications from Entry Level to Level 2. (Level 2 may be accepted as an alternative to GCSE) 

Start at the right point for you


  • Entry Level 1

    Begin to read short texts, spell key words and write short sentences and give opinions on familiar topics.

  • Entry Level 2

    Move on to improve your spelling, read and write short texts and fill in short forms, take part in group discussions.

  • Entry Level 3

    Develop your skills – plan your writing and use paragraphs, find information from texts, learn strategies to spell words and understand parts of speech e.g. nouns & adverbs, engage in discussions and follow explanations and instructions.

  • Level 1

    Write using correct punctuation for different purposes, read and understand different types of texts, gain the confidence to speak clearly and make appropriate contributions.

  • Level 2

    Increase your confidence and be able to present information to others clearly in written and spoken formats, use spelling and punctuation appropriately, read and interpret a variety of texts. 


  • Entry Level 1

    Getting started. Learn to count, add up and take away, become familiar with money, time and measurements. Introduction to using a calculator.

  • Entry Level 2

    Get your maths moving. You will learn how to add up, take away and read and write numbers. You will also work with money and learn about weight, height and shapes and start looking at fractions

  • Entry Level 3

    Develop your skills in using the rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You will also work with fractions & decimals, be able to estimate and measure liquids, weight, length and temperature and read graphs and charts.

  • Level 1

    Increase your confidence and prepare to move on. Calculate with fractions, decimals and percentages, use negative numbers, use formulae for problem solving with area, perimeter, 2D and 3D shapes. Read information from graphs and charts.

  • Level 2

    Calculate with numbers of any size. Calculate with ratios, percentages, evaluate and choose methods for problem solving. Use formulae for 3D problem solving and learn more mathematical language.


Please use the online system for the course you are interested in or telephone 020 3045 5176