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How to enrol

How to Enrol?

Step 1

You will have to create an account, click on "Register".




Step 2

You will now be able to complete the register form


Step 3

Once you have completed the form, press the "Register for an Account" button.  Once successful you should see the following screen.


Step 4

Once you have confirmed your account via the email that has been sent you can then enrol on courses.  First find a course.



Step 5

Then once you have found a course, click the "Enrol" button.

Step 6

Now click the basket button and continue to complete the enrolment form.




Step 7

You should now be able to process the enrolment(s) by clicking the "Continue Enrolment".  If you have not managed to complete the enrolment you can return to the enrolment by clicking the "My dashboard" area and completing the enrolment process.

Step 8

If for any reason you cannot complete your enrolment i.e. you do not have a payment card with you or the website losses connection you can complete your enrolment by clicking on "My Dashboard" and then completing the individual enrolment by clicking the "Pay enrolment fees" button.